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It is an idea that merges two of my driving forces, Wooden Boats and Photography.

For the past several years I have been maintaining some of the boats in the Lake Champlain Chapter of ACBS. The Project Gallery will give an overview of the work I do. Generally I work on one boat at a time from November through early June. So if the varnish and paint on your boat has lost it's sparkle plan ahead and schedule a time to bring your boat up to show condition.

When the warm weather arrives I love to cruise the waters of Lake Champlain and the 1000 Islands. I always have my camera ready - waiting to get a nice shot of a beautiful antique or classic boat. To see a few of those images click the Lake Gloss Photo Gallery. Some of the photos in the Gallery are the result of a chance encounter while others are planned or were taken during a "boat portrait" session. There is nothing like having a great photograph of your boat on the wall to help make a cold winter's day more pleasant.

Thanks again for visiting Lake Gloss - feel free to contact me about maintaining your wooden boat, or getting that elusive photograph that you have always wanted.

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